Updates + Press

As of the end of July, we have received over 400 community signatures calling for change at Artist Trust, and we have stopped taking signatures. Thank you for your support and solidarity.


July 10: Artist Trust Response to Open Letter

July 30: Co-organizers Respond with Invoice

Aug 3: Letter from Organizers to Letter Signatories


July 7: Seattle Times A Blowup Around An Award Leads to Broader Questions About Artist Trust

July 16: South Seattle Emerald Artist Distrust: Open Letter to Artist Trust Demands Accountability for Sudden Dismissal of Majority POC Jury

July 17: International Examiner Artists tell Artist Trust the organization has been “inequitable, opaque, and unresponsive” to the local artist community

July 17: Converge Media Talk Show [segment on AT begins at 24min] The Morning Update Show with Trae Holiday & The Big O

July 23: The Hill: Changing America Seattle-area Nonprofit Apologizes After Accusations of Misogyny, Toxic Work Culture


The Chronicle of Philanthropy [by Emily Haynes]

Seattle Met [by Stefan Milne]

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