An Open Letter to Artist Trust

Organizer Invoice to Artist Trust | Updates + Press

July 6, 2020

To the Members of the Board and Artist Trust Leadership:

We write to you as individuals, and as a community of artists, writers, creatives, and cultural workers to express our lack of confidence in Artist Trust as responsible stewards of arts funding. In solidarity with the global movement to eradicate institutional racism, we demand that Artist Trust confront and dismantle long-held practices that have unjustly impacted Black, Indigenous, and otherwise racialized peoples. 

In the last several weeks, former staff, panelists, finalists, and grant applicants of Artist Trust have come forward with narratives that reveal an organizational culture that is inequitable, opaque, and unresponsive to community needs. This sits in direct opposition to the organization’s publicly stated mission to “support and encourage artists” with processes that are “open, transparent, responsive, and forward-thinking.” In light of community testimonies, we, the undersigned, call for a prompt and thorough investigation and restructuring of Artist Trust’s internal culture and processes.

  1. The one-sided and unethical dismissal of the jurying panel for the 2020 Arts Innovator Award, and the Board’s refusal to accept the panels recommended award winners. (detailed timeline & info here)
  2. The cancellation of the 2020 Artist Fellowship Awards without a community consultation process, public statement, or any real regard for the labor and financial precariousness of the artists who applied and waited three months for results.
  3. Over the last three years, nearly a dozen employees have parted ways with Artist Trust due to a misogynistic and toxic work environment; many of these are womxn and/or people of color. The majority of those employees experienced or reported incidents of unfair treatment in situations where misogynistic dynamics and/or racial biases were at play. These incidents were reported to Shannon Halberstadt, CEO. Staff complaints were either unheard, met without action steps to address behaviors, or resulted in unsupportive working environments that pushed employees to resignation.

Through these examples, Artist Trust has proven that, in the way that it exists today, it is an irresponsible and incapable steward of community funds. Artist Trust can and should reflect the descriptions in its name: as a major funding source, but also as a repository of trust in artists and for the artistic community. Therefore, we call for the following:

  1. Immediate acceptance of the 2020 Arts Innovator Award panel’s original recommendation, with the awards going to either their first picks or the alternate.
  2. The reinstatement of the 2020 Fellowship Awards on the original three-month timeline, with a public statement detailing the process in which the Fellowship was canceled, and a transparent and community-driven panel selection and oversight process to ensure an equitable distribution of funds.
  3. A major restructuring of the Board and organization overall, making community stakeholders a substantial part of the institutional governance process. The Board and staff’s new composition must prioritize anti-racist, anti-colonialist frameworks, and center Black and Indigenous leaders and artists. To begin this process, we demand:
    • A series of public forums with Artist Trust leadership and board, with appropriately compensated community facilitators, to hear and address public grievances, with a clear, actionable, community-approved plan and timeline for redress published soon after.
    • An independent, community-vetted equity audit of internal and external cultures and structures (hiring practices, board composition, procedures for redress, human resource policies, panel selection, award selection, internal decision-making processes), with the findings, published publicly.

We ask for an official and public acknowledgment of this letter, with actionable responses to our list of demands by July 13th. Until that acknowledgment is published, we, as a community, refuse to apply for funding, contribute art or labor to any fundraising campaigns, teach professional development programs, serve on award panels, or participate in any other opportunity associated with Artist Trust. 

Failure to adhere to a reasonable timeline in the fulfillment of these demands will result in further public action, and any actions less than those outlined above reveal Artist Trust’s investment in perpetuating systemic inequities against the very community it is meant to serve.


Satpreet Kahlon, Artist; Editor, New Archives; Artist Trust GAP recipient, EDGE Program Graduate

Anida Yoeu Ali, Artist; Artist-in-Residence at University of Washington Bothell; panelist of 2020 Arts Innovator Award 

Shin Yu Pai, Artist; panelist of 2020 Arts Innovator Award; panelist of 2014 Arts Innovator Award, 2015 Artist Trust GAP recipient

John Feodorov, Artist; Associate Professor of Art, Western WA. University; former Seattle Arts Commissioner 2000-2003; former Artist Trust GAP recipient; panelist of 2020 Arts Innovator Award 

Benjamin Hunter, Musician, Educator, Arts & Culture Community Advocate

Asia Tail, Artist, Artist Trust Fellowship Recipient 2019, EDGE Program Graduate

Sharon Arnold, Writer, Curator; Founder of Bridge Productions

Roxann Murray, Indigenous photographer and graphic designer, Artist Trust GAP and Fellowship applicant (3 years)

Tamiko Nimura, freelance writer, community journalist, and public historian, Artist Trust 2019 GAP recipient  and Artists Up! 2016 recipient 

Jessika Kenney, Artist, CalArts Special Faculty, 2014 James W Ray Distinguished Artist Award, 2011 GAP recipient

Matthew Offenbacher, Artist; Publisher, New Archives; 2010 Artist Trust GAP recipient

Saya Moriyasu, Artist

Naomi Macalalad Bragin, Artist; Assistant Professor, University of Washington Bothell

Priscilla Dobler Dzul, Artist; 2014 Artist Trust GAP recipient,

Joshua Kohl, multiple GAP recipient, two-time Fellowship Recipient

Etsuko Ichikawa, Artist; 2005 Edge Program, 2008 & 2012 GAP recipient, 2009 GAP panelist

Theresa Guerrero, Indigenous Dance Artist, 2019 Artist in Residence, T.U.P.A.C., Freelance photographer/videographer

Haruko Crow Nishimura, multiple GAP recipient, two-time Fellowship Recipient

June Sekiguchi, Artist, Curator; 2005 Edge Program, 2007 GAP recipient, 2015 Fellowship Recipient, multiple jury panels

Michelle Hagewood, Artist, Program Manager for Artist Residencies, Centrum

Susan Robb, Artist; Creative Consultant, two-time Fellowship Recipient

Paul Kikuchi; Multiple GAP recipient, Fellowship recipient, 2014 Innovators Award Finalist, GAP panelist

Erin Shigaki, Artist and Community Activist

Christina Sciabarra, Public Arts Supporter and Donor

MalPina Chan, Artist, Curator, EDGE graduate 2005, GAP Recipient 2012, SOLA Recipient 2019, served on numerous AT juries and panels, Curator for EDGE graduates’ exhibit at the Washington State Convention Center, Curator (for 12 months) for EDGE grads’ exhibit at the Corridor Gallery, served as AT Ambassador for the South Sound region for over 8 years.  

C Davida Ingram, interdisciplinary artist, artist curator, and arts advocate

Natasha Marin, GAP Award Recipient, EDGE Program graduate, AT Fellowship Recipient, AT GAP Award Panelist, AT Instructor/Lecturer, Conceptual Artist, Curator, Digital Marketing, Community Engagement & Antiracism Consultant (NONWHITEWORKS)

Vanessa DeWolf, GAP Award Recipient 2001, founder of Studio Current, former director of The Field-Seattle, panelist for the GAP Award, active community member, artist, and organizer in Seattle since 1994

Faith Brower, curator

Sophia Munic, artist and community organizer 

Lori Goldston, musician

Amaranth Borsuk, Poet; Associate Professor, University of Washington, Bothel

Daryle Conners, author and filmmaker

Ries Niemi, artist

Richard Chiem, author

Ian Martinez, poet and podcaster

Che Sehyun, Artist, 2016 Artist Trust Fellow, 2017 Neddy Awardee, Seattle Asian Art Museum, Special Projects Curator

Marty McConnell, artist

Minh Carrico, artist, curator, mentor, and educator

Thea Quiray Tagle, curator, arts writer, faculty at the University of Washington Bothell 

afrose fatima ahmed, poet, 2018 GAP recipient, 2017 Jack Straw Writer, 2020 Redmonds Arts Season grantee

Christina Reed, Artist

Lauren Boilini, Artist; Artist Trust GAP recipient

David Francis, Independent Artist & Curator, ArtsWA Curator Roster, Public Art Coordinator at City of Shoreline WA

Jasmine Jamillah Mahmoud, Assistant Professor, Arts Leadership, Seattle University

Rachel Cook, Artistic Director, On the Boards, Seattle arts community member, & Curator

Yoona Lee, Visual Artist, Writer, and Racial Justice Activist

Mel Carter, Artist

Roin Morigeau, Artist, Owner/ Curator, YES IS A FEELING; 2017-2019 GAP applicant; Artist Trust panel participant ; 2019 Centrum Resident Nominee

Candi Wilvang, Cascade Recycled Arts Project

Genevieve Gaudreau, Visual Artist

Masahiro Sugano, University of Washington – Bothell

Melissa Parson, Artist

Jessica Hoffman, Artist, Co-Owner/Operator Paper Press Punch, Adjunct Educator – Pratt Fine Arts Center and Seattle Central College, Artist Trust GAP recipient and EDGE graduate

Dan Paz, Artist, Curator

Prageeta Sharma, Henry G. Lee ‘37 Professor of English, Pomona College

Matt Trease, Matt Trease, co-curator MarginShift; board, Seattle Poetics Lab(SPLAB)

Clayton Aldern, Writer, Artist Trust 2017 GAP recipient

Nicole Bearden, Founder, Host, Creator of Critical Bounds Podcast. 2019 Helen Gurley Brown Magic Grant Recipient, 2019 Lehmann Award Winner, 2018 International Experience Grant, London.

shaun kardinal, artist, director, collector; GAP grant recipient

Joshua Thompson, Artist

Vivian Mak, Artist; Fellowship recipient

Diana Adams, Gallery owner/curator, small business owner

Maggie Knott, Artistic Director of Tacoma Youth Theatre

MUTHI REED, independent artist

Meredith Clark, Writer, Artist Trust GAP Recipient, EDGE Program graduate

Chris Hong, Former Vera Project Board of Directors Co-chairperson

Alexis L. Silva, Artist/Writer/Curator. Past Curatorial Assistant for Bridge Production founded by Sharon Arnold. Lead Curator for Wing Luke Museums CID Love Letters Campaign

Zach Whitworth, Director, Institute for Conceptual Studies

Sequoia Day O’Connell, Birth and Full Spectrum Doula, Artist, Curator

Juan Alberto Franco Ricardo, Artist & Independent Curator

Vikram Madan, Visual Artist, former Bellevue Arts Commisioner, EDGE graduate, multiple jury panels

Joan Mamelok

Kait Heacock, Publicity Manager, University of Washington Press

JamesMinh Nguyen

Jennifer Borges Foster, Poet, Bookmaker and Artist

George Rodriguez, Artist. 2015 Artist Trust Fellowship. 2011 GAP. Multiple AT Panels and Juries

Francesca Lohmann, Artist

Chelsea Werner-Jatzke, Author, Director of Till Writers, Director of Cadence: Video Poetry Festival, Artist Trust EDGE Program Graduate

Gwylène Gallimard, Artist. Alternate ROOTS

Louise Blake, 2017 GAP recipient

Steve Peters, Director, Nonsequitur; past panelist; past GAP recipient

Sylva Helgager, Artist, Musician, and Educator

Emily Zimmerman, Director + Curator, Jacob Lawrence Gallery

Carolyn Hitt, Founder/Director Blue Cone Studios. Concept/Creation The Relevant Unknowns Artist Yearbook and Directory. Recipient of Artist Trust Covid Relief Funds. Contracted builder and Curator Consultant for Artist Trust Fundraiser “See Sip Swing”

Vivian Hua 華婷婷, Artist and Filmmaker; Executive Director, Northwest Film Forum; Editor-in-Chief, REDEFINE magazine

Rana San, Artist + Artistic Director, Northwest Film Forum

Joshua Parmenter, Composer and Artist

Junko Yamamoto, Visual Artist, GAP recipient 2015

Stacey Levine, Fiction writer, 2014 AT GAP recipient, 2014, 2016 Artist Innovator Finalist

Kole Galbraith, Musician, Artist, Curator, GAP recipient, smART recipient, 2020 Fellowship Applicant, Peoria Tribal Member

Eleanor Stelter, Seattle Pottery Supply, employee

Gabriel Jesiolowski, Artist & Writer

preston graves, artist

nijuana chardonay

Colleen RJC Bratton, Artist/Curator, SOIL Artist-Run Gallery

Hanako O’Leary, Artist, AT GAP 2018 recipient

Catherine (Cat) Clifford, Artist, Fellowship recipient and donor

I. Ouzman, Artist

Randy Kim, National Cambodian Heritage Museum

eyvind kang, Musician, Faculty at California Institute of the Arts, recipient of 2011 Arts Innovator Award

Carol Zou, Artist

Auriza Ugalino, Community Relations Manager, International Examiner

Dakota Camacho, Multivalent Indigenous Artist, 2019 GAP Awardee

Silong Chhun

Alex Britt, Artist, Program Coordinator, Amplifier Art

Julia Freeman, Artist, Gap Grant Recipient

Linda Ando, Community Arts Advocate & Volunteer ; University of Washington, Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity

Celia Nimura-Parmenter, Student of Tacoma School of the Arts

Beverly E Naidus, Artist and writer, Co-Director of SEEDS, and Professor Emerita of Interdisciplinary Arts, University of Washington, Tacoma

Timothy White Eagle, Artist, Performer, WAA/AIP Launch Pad recipient 2019, Seattle Office of Arts and Culture “City Artist” 2020

Tina Garrick Albro, Artist

Tracey Wong, Dance Artist; The Beacon: Massive Monkees Studio

Tory Franklin, Artist; GAP Recipient, EDGE Program Graduate

Christina Montilla, Writer, Literary EDGE Program Graduate

Tara Tamaribuchi, Artist, EDGE Program Graduate

Jason Jeremias, Price of Silence Theatre

Clyde Petersen, Arts Innovator Award Recipient, GAP Recipient

Maria Tucker, PhD, Donor to the Arts Community

Hatlo, theater and performance artist

Ellie Dicola, Artist, Arts Writer, Copywriter, Contracted Exhibition Support + Digital Media Logistics for yəhaw̓ at OAC

Jenny Holligan, Jenny against Karens

LinDa Saphan

Michelle Kumata, Artist, EDGE program graduate

Corey Brewer

Julia Heineccius, Artist, 2010 Edge Program, Faculty at The Evergreen State College

Anthony White, Artist, Curator

Michael Shilling, Writer; 2003 GAP recipient

Angelina Baldoz, musician, artist

Katherine Cohen, Artistic Director of Studio Current, co-director of Mother Tongue Arts

Katy Stone, Artist, GAP grant recipient 2009

Vinh Dao

S Surface, curator, designer, artist, 2017 Twining Humber Award Juror 

Angelina Baldoz, musician artist

Lillian Werbin, C.O.O. of Elderly Instruments, Lansing Mi

Forrest Seamons

Sebastian Loo, Artist

Shurvon Haynes, Fine Arts Visionary at www.blackartdesignerfashion.com

Rainer Waldman Adkins, Artist, educator, community activist

Amelia Layton, Tacoma Art Museum

Ali Rowenna, Independent Artist

Jael Patterson, Musician and Music Therapist

Cameron Fletcher, Artist, Designer

Jazmine Rosemond

Dana waldron, Photographer

Donna Miscolta, Writer, Artist Trust Fellowship and GAP recipient

Heather Bentley, Violist, composer, Kin of the Moon, Cornish College

Robert Farid Karimi, Artist

Christopher Day, Artist; Managing Director, Northwest Film Forum

Jayden Breaux-Santiago, The Kanaloa Foundation

Thomas Catts, Musician, piano tuner/technician

Leanna Keith, Musician, Co-founder of Kin of the Moon

Logan Franken, Developer at University of California, Santa Barbara

Coco Spadoni, Artist

Nicolas c Grey, Independent artist

James Doyle

Jay Hamilton, Sound & Silence, composer/musician/dancer/educator. Member of OTB, VDC, and Jack Straw with no administrative duties with them. An Early Member supporter of AT but gave that up many years ago

Anne Bean, 2015 Artist Trust EDGE program graduate, 2016 Artist Trust GAP grant award recipient

Simran Kahlon

Jéhan Òsanyìn, Executive Director: Earthseed and Wildseed Outdoor School

Brook Boden

Thomas Hitoshi Pruiksma, Writer, 2014 GAP Recipient

Max Delsohn, Writer/Performer

Steven M. Vroom, Executive Director 911 Media Arts Center (2009-2014) GAP Panel Juror (1998) Independent Curator, Art Historian

Jaishri Abichandani, Independent Artist/Curator

Sarah McConnell, Independence artist, manager of Gallery 223, Board member of Geneva Lake Arts Foundation

Sarah Kavage, Independent artist / curator / organizer

Jona Caberto

Tomo Nakayama, Artist

Sharmilla Beezmohun, Speaking Volumes (based in the UK)

Kate O’Hara, Director, Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts, Australia; Treasurer, Professional Artist North Queensland

Laila Tova, Performing Artist

Betsey Brock, Executive Director, On the Boards

Dana Langlois, Artistic Director and Founder of Creative Generation and Java Creative Cafe

Valerie Leroy

Jonathan Shipley, Writer

Jazz Mom, Artist, curator, and creative consultant

Sue Danielson, Artist, EDGE Program Graduate

Vanessa Maria Skantze

Ann D Teplick, Writer, Teaching Artist, GAP Recipient, Edge Program Graduate

Mark Hilliard Wilson, Guitar orchestra of Seattle!

Susanna Bluhm, Artist; Artist Trust GAP recipient 2012

Eric Frommer, Photographer

Joel Garcia, Director, Meztli Projects

Carrie Bodle, Artist; Senior Lecturer University of Washington Bothell

Sabrina Im, Artist, Urban Futures Lab Fellow at Public Matters

McKenna Green, Graphic Designer

Helena Morris, healing artist. choral member of two community chorales. attendee at Artist Trust auctions

Tye L. Jones MA, Line Producer, Studio Revolt

David Mielke, Theatre Artist

Mason Turner

Sonora Jha, Professor, Seattle University; Author; past Artist Trust panelist

Theo Pauline Nestor, Writer; contracting instructor at Hugo House; former instructor at UW; former Distinguished Visiting Writer at Seattle University

Eddie Tang, Arist

Suzanne Bottelli, Poet and Educator; GAP Award recipient

J. Steve Mayo

Clare Hatlo, Associate Producer, On the Boards; former Managing Director and Co-Founder, the Satori Group

Wynne Greenwood, Artist; 2008 Artist Trust Fellowship recipient

Abram Deslauriers, Artist

Bob Redmond, Writer, Arts producer

Maris Antolin, Arts Admin

Allison Masangkay

Amanda Winterhalter, Musician and Curator, 2018 Jack Straw Artist

Christopher Luna, Clark County Poet Laureate 2013-2017, Printed Matter Vancouver, Founder of Ghost Town Poetry Open Mic

Abby E. Murray, Poet Laureate of Tacoma, Instructor, Editor of Collateral, 2019 GAP Recipient

Tyna Ontko, Artist, Curator, Member of SOIL Artist-Run Gallery, Former Artist Trust GAP Grant Recipient

Taylor Jensen, Cellist, artist, University of Michigan

David Strand, Associate Curator, Frye Art Museum

brit parks, professional writer and artist

Alycia Zollinger, Engagement Artist & Healing Facilitator

Lani Montreal, Writer and educator

Kathleen Alcalá, Writer, some time panelist, three times GAP recipient, two times Artist Trust Fellowship recipient

Rachel Ervin, Co-founder, Alma Mater Tacoma

Julie Thi Underhill, Adjunct Professor 2, California College of the Arts

Amber Nelson, Poet, Editor, etc

Nina Horisaki-Christens, Art Historian and Independent Curator

Anne Marie Grgich, Artist

Rebecca Cummins, Artist, Professor, School of Art + Art History + Design, University of Washington; Fellowship Recipient

Soe Yu Nwe, Self-employed artist

Knox Gardner, Publisher, Entre Ríos Books

Scott Kurashige, Author

Amber Flame, Writer & artist, Hugo House Writer in Residence, Program Director for Hedgebrook

Laurie Kearney, Curator- Ghost Gallery, Co-Coordinator- Capitol Hill Art Walk

Sabina Livadariu

Elizabeth Arzani, Artist

Carolyne Wright, Advisory Board, Raven Chronicles Press; Contributing Editor, The Pushcart Prizes; Instituto Sacatar Fellow 2018; Fulbright U.S. Scholar Brazil, 2020-2021; Radcliffe Institute Fellow; NEA Grant in Translation; 4Culture and Seattle Office of Arts & Culture Grant recipient

Karim Bensmaine, Project Manager, Telecom industry, Art lover and buyer

Sophia Wheelwright, Artist

Jordan Christianson, Designer-At-Arms, Curator; Jonquil & Mr Black, Imminent Mode, PINK HALLOWEEN

Rachel Maxi, Artist

Rena Bussinger, multi-media artist

Sullivan Giles, Artist

Khanh N Le, Author, Artist

Edyka Chilomé

Pat Norikane Logerwell

Tuan Nguyen, artist

Nell Nordlie

Michelle Barnes, Owner/Consultant Creative Culture Design

Courtney Hudak, Poet and Attorney

Toni Martinez

coley mixan, Artist, Musician, Digital Arts Educator and COVID-19 Artist Trust Relief Fund Recipient (2020)

Glysed Barboza

Barb Maher

Kelly Clingan, Seattle JazzED

Elsa Muñoz

Seanjohn Walsh, Actor

Mandy Greer, Gap Award 2011, 2008; AT Fellowship 2004; Arts Innovator 2012

Lovien “joey” Flores

Rhoda Rae Gutierrez

M Evelina Galang, Writer, Professor, University of Miami, VONA Faculty and Board President

John Boylan, Writer, Producer, Organizer

Riza Belen, Pintig Cultural Group

Ellie Kozlowski, Writer, Artist

Mia Habon

Anna Kong

Stephanie Barbe Hammer, writer and educator

Mandy Manning, 2018 National Teacher of the Year

Shaw Osha, artist, Faculty, Evergreen State College

Laura Coe Moore, Manager, Oak Harbor Poetry Project, poet & visual artist

Taiyo Na

Quenton Baker, Poet; 2018 Arts Innovator Award Recipient, 2016 James W. Ray Venture Artist Award Recipient

Frances Lee, ARTS at King Street Station

Casey Moser, Arts Administrator

Steven Genise, Author, editor

Jonathan Lawson, radio producer, Flotation Device

John Raymond Berry, Artist/teacher/curator/musician /SOUL Artspace- Orcas Isls

Jessica Hansen

Natalie Singer, Writer

Levi Fuller, Administrative Coordinator, Jack Straw Cultural Center; Musician

Joan Rabinowitz, Executive Director, Jack Straw Cultural Center

Le’Ecia Farmer, Artist / Designer

Richelle King, Visual Artist

Ching-In Chen, Writer, Editor & Curator; Assistant Professor, University of Washington Bothell

Kevin Hilbiber, Artist, engineer, Dorkbot supporter

Cjala Surratt, Communications Coordinator, Light Work / Urban Video Project

Janet Galore, Artist and Co-Director, The Grocery Studios

Erin P Jorgensen, Musician

Susan Phan

Brooke Gemmell, Artist

Marc Mazique, musician; writer and cultural activist

Martina Pfeiler, Associate Professor in American Studies, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany

Dom Nieri

Dave Kennedy, Artist; Recipient of a Yaddo Residency and Fellowship, Artist Trust’s Grant for Artist Project, and the 4Culture Individual Project Award

Kelly Bjork, Artist

Jessica Muñoz-Palomo

Leo Berk, Artist; Artist Trust Innovator Award, Fellowship, and GAP recipient

Cecelia DeLeon, Visual Artist

Clarissa Gines, arts administrator & advocate

Robert Corbett, Ph.C. English, UW/co-editor of Exp Theo

Molly Mac, curator, artist, educator, Seattle University

Christopher R. Icasiano, Drummer, composer, Earshot Jazz (Board of Directors), Racer Sessions (Co-founder), Seattle Improvised Music Festival (Curator, organizer), Artist Trust- grant recipient: Fellowship Award (2018), COVID-19 Relief Fund (2020)

Zorn B Taylor, Artist, Photographer, Teacher, Community Member, Artist Trust GAP and Fellowship Applicant

Fox Spears, Artist, EDGE Program Graduate

Britta Johnson, Artist; founder and co-curator, High Wall; 2009 Artist Trust Fellowship recipient

Suzanne Warren, 2019 Jack Straw Writer, Educator

Michael Owcharuk, Composer, pianist, theatre artist, and educator

Larry Behrendt, Author

Jordan Alam

Claire Cowie, Artist, GAP Award (2000, 2009) and Fellowship Award (2004) recipient

Robert Lashley, artist, 2016 Artist Trust GAP recipent

Jane Wong, Poet; 2017 James W Ray Distinguished Artist Award; Assistant Professor, Western Washington University

Leah Nguyen, Artist-Healer; Youth Advocacy & Development Professional; 2020 Arts Innovator Award Applicant

David Rue, Dancer, Creative professional

Suzanne Warren, Jack Straw 2019 writer, educator

Anastacia-Renee, Writer/Educator/Archivist

Stefanie Brendler, musician

Savong Lam

Kartika Hanani

Ha-Yang Kim, Musician and Instructor at Cornish college of the Arts

MaryMikel Stump

Darius Morrison, Artist

Rachel Ravitch, Artist, Designer

Lisa Liedgren Alexandersson, artist, educator, Artist Trust GAP recipient

Tara Peters, Programs Manager, Editor, Earshot Jazz

Ted Hiebert, Artist; Professor, University of Washington Bothell

Ever Jones, Professor of Creative Writing, UWT

Michele H. Carrico Domingo, Artist, Advocate, Public Interest Lawyer

Nicole Travis, Board of Directors, Families of Color Seattle

Golda Sargento, Artist

Emily P. Lawsin, Lecturer & Performance Poet, Artist Trust Filipino American Literary Scholarship Recipient, EDGE Program Graduate

Khemarey Khoeun, President, National Cambodian Heritage Museum & Killing Fields Memorial

Mira Shimabukuro, Senior Lecturer, UW Bothell

Sarah Baker, writer, editor, lecturer (formerly UW Bothell), former co-director @ APRIL Festival

Willie Fitzgerald, Writer, Former Creative Director of APRIL

EJ Colen, writer, artist, editor, & educator

Nicole Hardina, writer, 2016 Artist Trust GAP recipient

Sarah Mangold, Poet, Artist Trust GAP recipient

Markie Mickelson, Artist; Neddy Artist Award Program Manager at Cornish College of the Arts; Visitor Experience Representative at the Henry Art Gallery

Phoibe Purcell

Catherine Bresner, Poet

Helen America, Artist and musician

Rebecca Redshaw

Kary Wayson, Poet, Editor; 2001 Artist Trust Fellowship recipient, 2008 Artist Trust GAP Grant recipient, 2020 Artist Trust Relief Fund, Seattle, WA

Esther Ervin, Artist, Seattle Metals Guild, Onyx Fine Arts Collective, Garfield Superblock Coalition, Freelancers Union, Common Field, James and Janie Washington Foundation

Joe Rudko, Artist

Kiana Davis, Poet, Educator and Author

Owen Rowe, EDGE graduate

Graham isaac

emily joy oomen

Sarah Galvin, Poet, essayist, James W. Ray Distinguished Artist Nominee

John Englehardt, Author

Markel Uriu, Artist, Edge Program Graduate, COVID-19 Relief Fund recipient (2020), Fellowship Applicant

Uma Rao, Art Patron

Wyly Astley, Artist, EDGE graduate

VICTORIA HAVEN, Artist, Former Artist Trust Gap and Fellowship recipient; panelist of Artist Trust Gap awards 1990s

Terry Novak, Executive Director, Photographic Center Northwest

Natasha Z Johnson

Mollie M Bryan

SuJ’n Chon, Artist, Curator, Programmer

Erin Langner, Writer

Sally Ollove, Theater & Cabaret Dramaturg & Director

Steve Tremble, Executive Director, Bainbridge Arts & Crafts

Timothy Smith-Stewart, Artist

Suzanne Morrison, GAP recipien

Molly Woolbright, Publicist, Sasquatch Books; former Marketing & Communications Manager, Hugo House

Josh Fomon, Poet

Geoff Larson, Executive Director, Bushwick Northwest

Vanessa Molano

Christopher Sims, UniverSouLove Enterprises

Ellen Ito, Artist, curator, panelist of 2017 Fellowship Award, EDGE Program Graduate

Simone Pierson, Artist

Liz Tran, Artist, Artist Trust GAP recipient

Gvn Lazar

Julia Zelman, Writer

Chelsea Rose Kurnick, Artist; Journalist

Berette Macaulay, multidisciplinary artist, curator, program organizer, scholar, writer

Celestine Jensen, Artist, filmmaker, musician

Holly Jones

Philippe Hyojung Kim, artist, curator

Kendal Tull-Esterbrook, Tattoo Artist


Ezra Dickinson, Artist Creator, GAP recipient (2015)

Pamela Hathaway, Tir na nOg Illustrated Pottery

Sonja Peterson

Sara Osebold, Visual artist

Eliaichi Kimaro, Artist & Filmmaker, 2018 Artist Trust Fellowship recipient, 2017 Artist Trust GAP panelist, 2010 Artist Trust GAP awardee

Paul Matthew Moore, Music Director/Faculty UW Department of Dance

Mikey Rioux

Leigh Riibe

Jax Braun, Interdisciplinary artist, smART grant recipient, KSS grant recipient, former community organizer with Lion’s Main Art Collective

Phi Le, Phi Pottery

Greg Lundgren, Artist, Curator

Krista Smith

Lindsey Apodaca

Tracy Rector, Filmmaker, Curator, Activist; Nia Tero, Longhouse Media

Reiko yamamoto, Artist

Ashley Paniagua Cavallaro, Studio Director, New Urban Arts

Margaretta Campagna, Artistic Associate, Akropolis Performance Lab

Lucile Chich, Public Art Project Manager, Curator

Kimisha Turnee, Artist, Artist Trust Covid Relief recipient

Ryan Molenkamp, Artist

Nero O’Reilly

Jennifer Dixon, Artist and Educator

Braden Duncan, Artist, Curator, Community Activist, Co-Founder of the Seattle Arts Coalition

Diana Xin, Artist Trust Fellowship recipient and panelist

Chris Crites, Artist, collector, curator, EDGE Program Graduate, 2013 Artist Trust Fellowship recipient

Counsel Langley, Artist

mario lemafa

Mercedes Lawry, Writer, Artist Trust GAP recipient

Shelly Leavens, Executive Director, Jefferson Museum of Art & History, former curator at Gage Academy of Art, independent curator, artist, writer and oral historian

Jennifer Rabin, Arts writer, artist, arts activist

Alex L. Bennett, EDGE Graduate, Artist, Graphic Designer

Marisa Manso, Artist

Catalina M Cantú, Poet, writer, curator, performer, Literary EDGE Graduate, 2017 Jack Straw Writer, 2020 VONA Writer

Robert F. Flor, Poet, playwright, Literary EDGE Graduate

Elaina Ellis, GAP recipient, publishing professional

Hailey Higdon, Poet

Ben Zamora, Artist, Received multiple grants from Artist Trust

Emily Gherard, Artist, 2014 Gap Grant Recipient

Catherine Cross Uehara, Artist

Rose Mathison

Stephanie Passantino, Fine Art Handling Project Manager, Artist

Amy Brooks, co-Artistic Director, Cardinal Cross Arts Co

Ellen Forney, Artist, Artist Trust Fellowship Recipient 2019

Samyuktha Ganesh, Architect

The below signatories are expressing their solidarity and support of the above demands. As former staff, they were not present to witness the above stated decision making process around the Artist Innovator Award and Fellowship Awards firsthand. However, their own experiences corroborate patterns of behavior detailed above, and they join the community of artists calling for Artist Trust to institute more equitable practices in alignment with their stated values.

Zach Frimmel, Musician; Artist Trust Program Coordinator 2014-2020; Capitol Hill Arts District Steering Committee Member; Writer, REDEFINE Magazine.

Kaya David, dance artist; former Program Coordinator 2015-2017

Erika Enomoto, Business Insights Program Manager at Microsoft & art historian; former Artist Trust Communications Manager 2017-2019

Salena Hill, UX Researcher, independent project manager; former interim communication manager 2018-2019

Ms. Perri Rhoden, Visual Artist, Muralist; SALT Program Coordinator 2017-18; former Development Associate 2016-2017, former Program Intern 2015, former GAP Panelist 

Cristina Friday, Development Director at Resource Media; former Foundation & Corporate Relations Manager 2014-2018

Katy Hannigan, Artist Trust Artist Liaison/Program Manager 2015-2018, founder of arts consultancy Thread Support, General Manager at On the Boards, Artist Trust donor & community supporter

Andrew Valdez-Pape, Artist Trust Donor, Artist Trust Office Coordinator 2015-2016, Grants Intern 2014

Annie Holden, Musician, former Artist Trust Communications Manager 2016-2017

Emily Dennis, Law Student, Former Artist Trust Annual Fund & Events Manager 2017-2019

Eric John Olson, Artist; Artist Trust EDGE Program Coordinator, EDGE Program Graduate

Alex Martin, Artist, former Artist Trust Auction Coordinator (2000 – 2015)

(former contractor) Wendy Call, writer and educator, Founding Instructor of Literary EDGE (2008-12), GAP panelist (2007), GAP recipient

Britt Madsen, Seattle JazzED Deputy Director, Artist Trust Development Intern: 2009-2010

Stephanie Moore, Former Artist Trust Development Associate, Fundraiser Auction Art Coordinator (2010-2013)

Andy Le, Public Art Program Specialist, 4Culture, 2016 Artist Trust Auction Registration Intern

Julie Alexander, Artists, Curator, founder SNAG Gallery, co-founder Alice Gallery, AT Fellowship recipient, EDGE Program graduate, past Artist Trust employee

Sonja Roach, arts worker, former AT staff

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